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MIDMIKE is an Artists Management & Production agency based in Tunisia.
Our aim is to support, lead our most talented Tunisian Artists and spread our best vibes all over the world.
Our artists specialized in a wide variety of genres (Jazz, Hip hop, Rap, Soul, Blues, Reggae…), will be cheerful to perform the most melodious notes to share with you your best moments and all kinds of events.

We Handcraft unique Digital & Musical experiences to surprise the universe.

We Distinguish Ourselves for the attention and passion we invest in our every-day work.

We are committed to a single thing:
A Perfect Record.

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Billy Atbi



As someone who has mastered his craft over 20 plus years, Billy Atbi’s reputation as a prolific guitarist / singer is only further cemented by some of the names he has graced the stage with. He has performed across Canada, opening for some of the world’s best, and has also played at some of the top jazz and blues festivals across the country.

Billy is often booked for his strong work ethic and his serious nature but moreover his impressive sight-reading abilities and his ability to complement the backbone of any song. In his own words, he “selflessly serves the music… I am a bridge – the glue between the music and the audience”.

His in-the-pocket grooves have mesmerized crowds and kept stages alight more times than he can remember.

Those who understand both groove and tone will understand the mind of Billy Atbi.

Billy’s musical influences have outright left a mark on his style and capabilities, and it shows as they served Billy’s introduction into the jazz stylings.

Billy’s rich musical style ranges from Blues, Jazz, Soul, R&B down to Reggae music, his ability to sing in English, French, Italian and Spanish alongside with his mother tongue, Bambara makes him a very special and experimented musician.

Billy’s philosophy on music is that gems exist in every genre, depending on his mood and even the weather, you’ll find Billy listening to everything from classical, to pop-rock, to jazz and more.
To him it doesn’t matter, so long as long as it makes him feel an emotion.

Billy has had a busy career, having performed in international 5-star hotels and world renowned clubs across the globe for the past 20 years.

Fast forward to today and Billy has been travelling the globe. He has spent the last decade in Tunisia, with a couple of years spent gigging around Africa and Canada.