Who Are We?

MIDMIKE is an Artists Management & Production agency based in Tunisia.
Our aim is to support, lead our most talented Tunisian Artists and spread our best vibes all over the world.
Our artists specialized in a wide variety of genres (Jazz, Hip hop, Rap, Soul, Blues, Reggae…), will be cheerful to perform the most melodious notes to share with you your best moments and all kinds of events.

We Handcraft unique Digital & Musical experiences to surprise the universe.

We Distinguish Ourselves for the attention and passion we invest in our every-day work.

We are committed to a single thing:
A Perfect Record.

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Iheb Limem



Iheb Limem is a nationally recognized guitarist who weaves together rock, classical, jazz and contemporary forms into a unique, flowing fingerpicking style recalling the playing of some of the best guitarists throughout history.
Iheb Limem’s playing style has developed through many influences over the years.
Fluent in various styles, he has formed a highly unique style combining these different influences.
He began playing when he was around 10 years old, he was drawn to the guitar since the very beginning, so he did what his heart told him to do and began guitar lessons and continued these lessons for years.
After high school Iheb attended The Higher institute of Music of Tunis, where he majored in guitar performances. The formal education in music and composition added to his technique, style, and notable abilities.
Iheb has accomplished a lot in his young music career. His deep knowledge of history, his interest in many genres, and his authentic lyrical writing style have helped him to develop a unique and compelling sound. It is clear that Iheb is a growing voice in the music community, commanding attention through his writing and playing as both a sideman and a leader.